Proposal for Developing AR Glasses Integrated with ChatGPT (GPT Glasses)

Idea Description:
This proposal suggests the development of augmented reality (AR) glasses integrated with the ChatGPT AI model, named “GPT Glasses”. These glasses could provide advanced and useful functionalities for users across various domains.

Proposed Features:

  1. Real-Time Object Identification:

    • Cultural: In museums, the glasses can recognize artworks and provide instant information about them, including their history, author, and cultural significance.
    • Natural: In nature, the glasses can identify plants, animals, and other natural elements, providing details about species and characteristics.
    • Food Safety: Identification of edible plants and animals, offering information on which are safe to eat and which are toxic.
  2. Navigation and Assistance:

    • Tourism: Guiding users through a city or tourist location, providing information about landmarks, restaurants, and attractions.
    • Navigation: Offering step-by-step directions in large places like airports or shopping malls.
    • Navigation for Visually Impaired People: Equipping the glasses with small speakers in the frames that emit short sounds in the right/left ear to guide the person in real time. The sound can be progresiv once the person aproaches the the right/left turn getting more clearere while aproaching the point of changing direction. The glasses could also detect obstacles and alert the wearer with characteristic sounds to stop, thus potentially eliminating the need for a cane. It can also identify bus numbers in buss stops and confirm that the person is geting on the right buss. It can detect potential ahead dangers and many more.
  3. Real-Time Translation:

    • Translating texts in real time, such as street signs, menus, or conversations, facilitating communication in different languages.
  4. Task Assistance:

    • Education: Providing explanations and answers as users study various subjects.
    • DIY Projects: Offering step-by-step guidance for repairs or DIY projects.
  5. Medical Assistance:

    • Support for Surgeons: Displaying real-time images and data about the patient, guiding the surgeon during the operation and providing recommendations based on the latest medical protocols.
  6. Assisting pilots:
    Assisting pilots in day flights with weather updates, route changes, malfunction aid and in night flights with integrated NVG


  • Instant access to information.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Efficiency and convenience.
  • Support for better medical decision-making.
  • Improved mobility and independence for visually impaired people.
  • And many more!


  • Advanced Technology: Developing such glasses would require highly advanced image recognition and natural language processing technologies.
  • Privacy and Ethics: Ensuring the protection of personal data and the ethical use of technology.
  • Accessibility and Cost: Making the technology affordable and accessible to a broad audience.

I would appreciate knowing if this idea is taken into consideration and request confirmation that I have proposed this idea and be a part of it!

Thank you for your attention!

I also can have an AI produce language that is of low value and completely outside the scope of feature requests for ChatGPT.

Except with my augmentations instead of bot imaginations.

Proposal to OpenAI: Intelligent Mailbox System for Automated Mail Handling and Classification


In response to the growing demand for efficient mail handling and reduction of unwanted mail, we propose the development of an Intelligent Mailbox System (IMS). This system will revolutionize the way mail is processed, categorized, and managed, ensuring recipients receive only valuable and relevant mail while eliminating junk mail and potential security threats.

Idea Overview

The IMS is a sophisticated mailbox that incorporates advanced AI, vision technology, and robotic handling capabilities. It is designed to handle various types of mail autonomously, providing a seamless and secure mail management solution.

Key Features

  1. Automated Mail Grasper:

    • Equipped with fingers and suction mechanisms to handle different types of mail.
    • Capable of picking up, moving, and sorting mail pieces.
  2. Vision System:

    • Photographs both sides of each mail piece.
    • Utilizes custom AI models to identify and classify mail based on type and content.
    • Conducts online lookups to verify sender information and intentions.
    • Distinguishes between known senders, spam, and potential security threats.
  3. Mail Classification and Action Bins:

    • Mail is sorted into one of four action bins based on AI analysis:
      1. Return to Sender: Stamps mail with the return reason and places it back in the input mailbox with a raised flag for collection.
      2. Secure Vault: Stores important mail for recipient pickup.
      3. Shredder, Pulper, and Compactor: Destroys junk mail for easy recycling.
      4. Evidence Vault: Collects suspicious mail for further investigation and potential legal action.
  4. Automated Opt-Out Processes:

    • Automatically sends do-not-mail requests and credit-report solicitation opt-outs based on identified junk mail.
    • Reduces the recipient’s exposure to unwanted mail over time.
  5. User Interface and Notifications:

    • Provides a web gateway and mobile app for users to receive mail notifications and view photographs of received mail.
    • Alerts users to important mail and potential security threats.
    • Monitors mail carrier performance, ensuring packages are delivered and not stolen.

Goals and Benefits

The primary goal of the IMS is to streamline mail handling, ensuring recipients only receive high-quality, relevant mail. The system aims to:

  • Eliminate junk mail and reduce the recipient’s time spent sorting through unwanted mail.
  • Enhance mail security by identifying and handling potential threats.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for managing mail and receiving notifications.
  • Support environmental sustainability by automating the recycling of junk mail.
  • Offer legal support by collecting evidence of direct marketing violations.


The Intelligent Mailbox System represents a significant advancement in mail handling technology, combining AI, robotics, and vision systems to create a fully automated, efficient, and secure mail management solution. By implementing this system, recipients can enjoy the convenience of receiving only valuable mail while being protected from junk mail and potential security threats. We believe this innovative approach will greatly benefit users and set a new standard in mail handling technology.