Prompt structure to continue paragraph without ending topic

hello, trying to write a 2-page test story, how to make the prompt structure to continue the paragraph without ending the topic and keeping in mind what it previously written and then ending the story when the length is completed. Currently, it finishes the story in 4-5 small to medium paragraphs. When I say “continue writing the script”, and “Don’t repeat paragraphs”, it completely ignores me and loops the short story over and over again with no change. Tried playing with the temperature and penalties but I get the exact same loops no matter what. Thanks.

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The original DaVinci engine will work better for this purpose.


I got even fewer paragraphs sadly

When you use the original DaVinci engine? It should max out allowable tokens.

Sadly no luck again, I even tried something simpler by asking for a 1500-word meditation script. I only got a few paragraphs before the predicted completion or token limit hit even though it didn’t max out.