Prompt in Playground returns completely different results than the API

Hello. I have designed a prompt in the Playground that creates other matching keywords to a keyword. Example:
Keyword: orange juice
Related Keywords: Sugar, Vitamin C, low calorie orange juice
This works great in Playground.

But if I call the same prompt via the API, I don’t get single related keywords but whole sentences.
How can this be?

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Are the settings the same?

Prompts exactly the same? Sometimes a stray space character at the end of a prompt can cause it to act wonky.

EDIT: Found the problem in the code of the function

@PaulBellow Thanks for your message! I’m a little further along in troubleshooting now. I am using the API in two different Google App Scripts with two different prompts. One prompt is supposed to return individual keywords, the other prompt is supposed to return entire sentences.

But it seems that one script somehow dominates the other.
No matter which script I start, the result is allways the same. So even if I start script 1, I get the result of script 2.
Only when I remove one of the two scripts again, then I get the correct result of the API call.
It is only when both scripts exist at the same time that problems occur.

add some instruction in prompt regarding what you want exactly