Prompt Doctor Threads set-up / brainstorming

Mind if I rename to something like Prompt Doctors: Paste your crazy prompts, lets get ‘em tight! thread?

Love the idea!

ETA: Split from main thread for house-keeping…

Basic idea is we as a community are starting two threads to help with prompts - text and images… Thanks, all!


Get on in here and change that name! I’ll paste my prompt for starters but im gonna take a bath rq. Be on in a sec to update my post. Thank you!

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What’s wrong with my prompt – help me out!

I think that’s better, also for SEO reasons.


Ooh that’s good…

Maybe "Prompt Doctors: What’s wrong with my prompt? We help you out!


You’re the boss.

Btw. my initial idea for this thread was a strong focus on image generation, not ChatGPT in general.

Maybe devide the two in images and textual?

Dall-e is blocking some images, because of the prompt.

But that’s different than ChatGPT not understanding the prompt (and returning the wrong answer).

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Can you start a new one for DALLE3 prompting tips/help maybe? Then I can rename this one for general text prompts.

Although this thread is turning into more of a how do we do this thread haha… Maybe we should two new ones? One for text prompts and one for DALLE3 prompts?

Or… I can move all the off-topic threads here to a new planning thread. Up to everyone. Lemme know.

I started a dedicated “image prompt” topic;

No, Dall-E… what’s wrong with my prompt?! - Prompting - OpenAI Developer Forum

For SEO / search reasons I will place the link here… and now our paths divide! :grin: