Programming language

What are all programming language does Codex support when using Natural language to Code.
Let’s say i want the output code to be in Java, C++.

Looks like there’s more than 12 languages, so probably?

Hello @SaurabhSingh, welcome to the OpenAI community!

Since Codex was trained on a huge dataset from GitHub, it is fair to say that there are more than just 12 programming languages Codex knows, however you’ll find that as you go down the list, you’ll see Codex struggle with the less familiar languages as the datasets for those languages were more limited.

For example, Codex knows SPARQL to some degree, but you do need to provide more help to Codex alony the way. You’ll find it will be less sure of the desired output you’re wanting if it simply doesn’t know about how the syntax accurately comes together.