Profitable and easy update for the chat that my company and thousands of similar companies need

Dear Developers,

I am writing to request the enhancement of ChatGPT’s computer vision capabilities to analyze plans and diagrams. As a professional in the construction industry, I believe these improvements would be extremely beneficial:

  1. Plan and Diagram Analysis: The ability to automatically recognize architectural and engineering plans, including counting identical images, symbols, and pipe lengths.

  2. Counting Fittings and Other Components: The capability to identify and count the number of fittings, valves, connectors, and other components used in construction projects.

  3. Automatic Scale and Dimension Determination: Accurate measurement of scales and dimensions of components on plans to ensure precision in construction work.

These features would significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of analyzing construction projects. Such a program holds substantial commercial potential, and companies in the construction industry would be willing to pay well for its use.

I hope my proposal will be considered for implementation in future updates.

Best regards,