Profit Sharing Policy with OpenAI for Custom GPT-based Browser Extensions

Hello Community,

I’m in the process of developing a web browser extension that integrates a custom GPT-model assistant, which I have designed using FastAPI to encapsulate the business logic on the server side. For this setup, I plan to require users to provide their own API keys as the only form of authentication.

My question pertains to the financial aspect of this arrangement with OpenAI:

  • Does OpenAI have a policy for sharing profits in scenarios where third-party applications like mine are used? i.e Will they provide x% of the revenue to the creator of the assistant_id generated by user_id?


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This is typically frowned upon and is not recommended for obvious reasons. It may even go against their policy unless the program is open-source and self-hosted. Not 100% sure.

You seem to be confusing their monetization policy for GPTs, which are only accessible through their interface. There is no such policy for Assistants.

Is there no method to access a custom GPT via an API?

I realize that directly providing a raw API key to an external third-party service is not advisable. A potential solution could involve passing a user_id, followed by the server making a call using a format like user_id:company_id:gpt_id, with OpenAI managing the authentication process. This would be limited to registered applications. However, accessing custom GPTs through an API seems like an obvious and straightforward option.

Not any that are supported / allowed by OpenAI.

The purpose of the monetization policy is to encourage users to maintain their subscription to ChatGPT plus by finding value in the Custom GPTs & to prevent people from finding ways to monetize their custom GPT through shady third-party providers.

You need to use the API solutions for what you want. You also should be using your own API key and charging the user. Not asking for API keys. There is no supported way to use their keys.

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Talking about business logic from a management perspective you are trying to make Open AI pay for the model inference while keeping the customer away from their services plus have them handle the billing for you.
I can see a point in what you are trying to do but the suggested solution is using the API and charging the user yourself.

Indeed! They are not using 'their’ interface, but so what … they have complete control of the pricing model i.e 90% for them 10% for me or whatever they see fit!

and that is exactly the point where it makes sense for you to capture all the value and pay the cost to OpenAI. That way the potential profit is a lot larger.

But then again your approach is something they could consider as well. But to be honest I would be very surprised if they present their store that way. It’s really out-of-the-box.

Ultimately, using the API you can proceed with your project in a matter of a few days. Setting up the required processes is quite simple actually.

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I understand your perspective on the simplicity of implementing an Authentication and Payment system. You may have a point.

However, consider a scenario where there are hundreds of thousands of GPTs. Users would likely prefer not to juggle a dozen monthly payments through various untrustworthy third parties. It would be more convenient for them to manage all payments via a single, reliable vendor like OpenAI.

Additionally, this approach would enable my extension to be promoted across the entire GPT store, aiding in marketing my product.

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That’s what GPTs are.

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Yes but as discussed above, GPTs are not accessible via APIs and hence not accessible via third-party browser extensions.

No offense but what you are saying makes no sense, and it seems to me that you are trying to justify what you want instead of aligning yourself with reality.

What you posted as a counter-point to @vb was:

This is exactly what the GPT marketplace is intended to accomplish. This scenario exists. Your extension idea is the opposite

Or even worse, hand over their API keys that can be

  1. Misused
  2. Leaked
  3. Banned

You can right now create your own marketplace. Just as many other people have, all with their quirks and niches such as having a browser extension. It’s not inherently a bad idea. Especially considering that the GPT marketplace has been delayed indefinitely. But this idea does not align with your scenario. In fact, it does the exact opposite.

Here is a comic to illustrate your proposal:

I don’t think you understand anything of what we are talking about.

Well, you’re clearly very headstrong in your objective. Good luck.

Life must be bliss for you.

But the GPT can contain an action which interacts with an API. So is any external communication fine as long as it is initiated by the GPT?

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Yes. That is perfectly fine.

Otherwise an Assistant is the more versatile solution, or the API in general.

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