Problems with OpenAI refusing to work

I am often running into issues with ChatGPT-4 (Teams and Pro before it) refuses to do work. For example, I add a PDF file of a very well-structured exercise book, and ask it to find and list certain exercises by name and ID. It refuses and tells me “this is a well-structured book, you can easily find them yourself.” This and similar issues abound. Very often, it refuses to give answers, translations, analyze and summarize text.

I am ready to pay x20 of my current fees if I have multiple times of more analysis power and real (actual) response sizes. Right now, often, it “acts” like a college student winging it on finals. Often, it doesn’t summarize text - it tells me “what the text is generally about” instead of a summary of specific theses of the text.

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Would you actually? :thinking:

While it’s a little tedious (and keeps getting more tedious), I suspect that you can overcome most of your issues if you tweak your prompting style a little. Do you wanna give us concrete examples with data so we can workshop them?