Problem with the number of replicas in the dialog

Hi guys!

I’m making a ChatGPT request like this:

Generate a dialogue between two people. Each of the participants in the dialogue should have 6 replicas.

I get this answer:

"Character 1: Hello! How are you?

Character 2: Hello! Everything is fine, thank you! And you?

Character 1: Not bad either. Recently returned from vacation. I had a rest at the sea.

Character 2: Sounds great! Which sea did you choose?

Character 1: I went to the Black Sea. I was in Gelendzhik. Very beautiful beaches and clean water.

Character 2: I also wanted to go to the sea, but so far it has not worked out. Which beach did you like the most?

Character 1: I really liked the Sunny beach. There was a lot of greenery, and the water was clear, like an aquarium.

Character 2: Sounds great! I will definitely look at the photos. And what else did you do on vacation?

Character 1: I took a little tour of the neighborhood. Visited the mountains and the national park. It was very beautiful there.

Character 2: What kind of views did you see?

Character 1: The views were amazing! I have seen waterfalls, mountain lakes and even snowy mountain peaks. It was unforgettable.

Character 2: Sounds like a dream! I can already imagine what an impression it was. You must have completely relaxed on vacation?

Character 1: Yes, the rest was very relaxing. I forgot about work and just enjoyed nature. It helped me to relieve all the stress.

Character 2: How cool! A vacation at the sea really helps to recover. I also hope to go on vacation soon.

Character 1: I will definitely advise you to visit the Black Sea. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Character 2: Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely take it into account. I hope my vacation will be as wonderful as yours.

Character 1: I wish you a great holiday! I am sure you will come back with a lot of positive emotions and a charge of energy.

Character 2: Thank you! I will definitely share my impressions with you when I get back. Good luck in your work and see you soon!"

It turns out that instead of 6 replicas, it generates another number. Sometimes it generates 6 replicas as I need, but it doesn’t always happen.
I am sending API requests to the gpt-3.5-turbo-0613 module at a temperature of 0.5

Thank you all in advance for the answer!

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A quick solution may look like this:

Generate a dialogue between two people. Each of the participants in the dialogue should have 6 replicas.
Following each pair of replicas write the number of replicas in curly brackets before proceeding. Stop when you have reached replica number 6.

This works with GPT 3.5.
Unfortunately the model is not good at counting and you have to help it somehow.
I propose the {x} method as this can be easily replaced with “nothing” later.

Hope this helps.