Problem: trados + gpt4 (german --> catalan)

I am doing a test in trados 2024 on a translation of a German > Catalan text. I have implemented in trados a gpt4 model and it seems to work. My surprise is that when it translates it does not respect spacing, all the words appear together and also adds words that do not make sense. I ran the same text through gpt4 directly and it translates it correctly.

Could someone explain me what could be happening?

Thanks for advance!

My guess is it’s an issue with Trados Studio, there is no such issue with the model itself.

I have written in the trados forum to see what they say. I am going to try the same thing but translating to Spanish to see if it gives the same problem.

The original file was odt and doesn’t work well with trados. It was solved. Thanks.