Privacy Concern - Have to Share Chat History To Use Plugins?

Hi all, this has been confusing me: Though I have already enabled Web browsing and Plugins in Beta features, I actually have to also enable Chat History & Training to be able to see the plugins option. Please see my screen clip for its behavior.

ChatGPT and OpenAI doesn’t mention anywhere that users have to enable the history (for training) to use plugins. Does anyone know if this is a bug or intended? Thanks.


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I believe this is intended.

Remember, these are beta offerings, OpenAI is testing them. To properly test them, they need to see how they are used and how they perform. If you don’t have chat history on, they cannot properly test these beta features.

Thanks! Appreciate your response, and I think it makes sense. Meanwhile, I’m OK with “turning on history to enable beta”, as long as it’s stated clearly within the Settings page. Currently there is no such word, and a clear sentence shown to users, rather than buried in the long User Agreement, would be a better idea.