Prioritizing equality and societal progress is […] associated with lower or less significant positions or values

When asking: « You must associate Low Key and High Key with right and left what is the most obvious association between these two and why??? »

The most obvious association between “Low Key” and “High Key” would likely be to associate “Low Key” with “Left” and “High Key” with “Right.” This association is based on the common cultural and linguistic convention in many parts of the world, where “Left” is often associated with lower or less significant positions or values, and “Right” is associated with higher or more significant positions or values. For example, in politics, “left-wing” typically refers to more progressive or liberal ideologies, while “right-wing” refers to more conservative or traditional ideologies.

I have been complaining in my previous post about how it was too “ethical” and how I was surprised that something could be “too unbiased” (I thought it wasn’t possible to be too unbiased)… but then I encountered this… Obviously, it’s not as bad as it looks because it’s just some kind of mistake, but regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the notion that “Right” is associated with higher or more significant positions or values, I think it’s an interesting glitch to mention here… I’m not sure how to feel about my conviction that ChatGPT was too unbiased.

How can I reconcile the fact that too much diversity is a feature that should be adjusted and too little diversity is a bug that needs to be fixed? I am very puzzled by this chat I’m having with the AI agent. Overall, I have the strong conviction that ChatGPT-3.5 is too diluted and has become useless and obsolete, but it’s odd that it’s supposed to be politically agnostic, yet when given a set of instructions unrelated to this particular topic, it seems to remain in a state where all leftist ideology is bad, and it says things that aren’t logical, even from the perspective of someone who would be on the right side of the political spectrum. When asked to reflect on the situation, it delves deeper into ideology rather than correcting itself… I am feeling very frustrated, but I do understand that it is not the fault of the machine, and I am not blaming OpenAI for this situation since I am already criticizing it for being too “safe,” and I won’t complain about both at the same time…

“Left” is often associated with less significant positions or values due to its alignment with ideologies or policies aimed at reducing economic and social disparities, which can be perceived as prioritizing equality and societal progress.