Pricing suggestion for content exchange

TLDR: OpenAI should offer a discount for apps/websites which use GPT-3 and let’s their content to be indexed by it in exchange.

OpenAI is the first LLM service which reached the mass market, but in the coming years the market will be flooded probably.

There are speculations that LLMs might draw market share from Google and one of the consequences is that content publishers will lose visitors.

In this case, the content publishers may not be that happy to let the LLMs to scan their websites.

On the other hand, some content publishers will use OpenAI or other LLM providers.
For this reason I find it fair for content publishers to benefit from a fee discount when using OpenAI API in exchange for the content they publish.

A similar approach has Google for its transcription service.

Ai indexing Ai generated text data…sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

I think it should create an automatic ai generated text detector so that it can discard it for training data.

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It happened already and is going to happen anyway.
And no tool would work against it, unless is intentional.

But I don’t see why not to index its own generated content. Sometimes it can generate valuable, non-obvious content.

I can easily see this working via a wordpress plugin or a trigger on large content sites to feed the AI with human generated content

I could also see something like this for a feedly type integration, where the AI pulls in RSS feeds, processes them, and then spits out various summaries for the day or whatever