Prevent Loss of Unsubmitted Text When Switching Chats/Tabs

I recently encountered an issue while using the chat interface that I believe could be improved to enhance user experience.

I was in the process of composing a substantial amount of text within the “Engineering” chat section. However, before submitting my message, I navigated to the “Economics” section, inadvertently losing all the text I had written in the “Engineering” chat input box. This resulted in a loss of work and was a rather frustrating experience.

A few ideas:

Prompt Warning: When a user attempts to switch chats while there is unsubmitted text in the input box, display a warning message. This message should alert the user that switching chats will result in the loss of unsaved text.

Auto-save Functionality: Implement an auto-save feature that temporarily stores text within the input box. This way, even if the user navigates away accidentally, their text remains available when they return to that chat.

These features could significantly improve user experience and prevent frustration in using ChatGPT and any inadvertent loss of work.