Prepaid billing account for GPT4-Upgrade issue

Dear all,

I load some money into prepaid billing account , but when i click GPT4-Upgrade, it still ask me to enter creditcard payment instead of taking subscription fee from prepaid billing account.

Does someone aware of this issue?
Thank you in advance

Hey how access the prepaid billing in the first place I created my accout in 2021?

this is how my dashboard looks like, and I want to use GPT4 8K

Ok I think there is some bug in UI because I don’t have the option to make a prepaid on my older account “I made that account in 2021” . So I created a new account with new card and then there is option to make a prepaid billing and that’s gives me GPT4 access.

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Your older account with pay-as-you-go billing can also get gpt-4 access. It just seems from you not having gpt-4, you’ve never actually been billed for any usage after putting in a card, a criteria that OpenAI had used monthly since July to onboard new users to the general availability

Sorry it took so long for you to get an answer, and you might have already figured out: ChatGPT plus is different than the credits purchased for use of the API. They are different products.

API allows programmers to develop applications for end users, and they are charged by the actual use of the service. You can see an example of API usage with OpenAI’s “playground” demonstration app, and get the API gpt-4 that you would have been granted, at OpenAI Platform