Practical uses in engineering

Hi, im raj. I am an engineer by profession. I wanted to enquire if there is a way to integrate API with engineering softwares, take autocad for example. If I want to make a drawing, ( there are libraries in python for generating dxf files), is there a way to integrate the API with autocad so that the drawings can be automates or edited by prompts instead of someone physically drawing them ??

Probably not with autocad, but I’ve had … results with openscad since it’s more like programming. But you would have to integrate a loop to feed in image data and itteratively modify the program.

I feel that there wasn’t enough clarity in what i wrote. Currently I’m using a library in python to generate 2d drawings which are then sent to site for construction.
Sometimes, there are changes/ modifications in the drawings that i do manually since the time taken to code these changes in python would be too long compared to manually doing it. I wanted to enquire if the api can be integrated with my program so that whenever I need to change the drawing, ill just prompt the ai to change the code thereby reducing my manpower and get a higher level of accuracy.

Hi Raj,

Absolutely! You can integrate Python libraries for generating DXF files with AutoCAD through its API. By leveraging AutoCAD’s API, you can automate the drawing process, allowing for automated or prompt-based edits instead of manual drawing. Feel free to explore AutoCAD’s API documentation for more details on seamless integration.

Can you give any more details as to how to go about doing that, especially the part on how to integrate autocad API with Chat GPT