Potential file downloads and OneDrive integration

Hi, I recently asked ChatGPT to create a midi file based on some concepts of old Nintendo music just to see if it had that functionality. Much to my surprise it actually tried to generate some similar tracks and provided me a Google Drive link to download them, but the link was broken.

I think adding file download capabilities could be a great revenue stream for you guys and you could make them OneDrive links as well to create some product synergy. PDFs, MIDIs, .txts, etc. would all be relatively small but would make sense especially in regards to code samples that tend to cut off mid-answer.

Thank you for your time, and I’m loving the product so far!

I´m trying to link chatgpt to my onedrive for two hours now. chatgpt is telling me that this is possible, but i think she is fooling me, its bizarre XD