Posting in the wrong Forum


I have mistakenly posted my interactions with OAI chat, in the [
API Feedback forum rather than the [
ChatGPT forum.

Is there a way my thread can be moved, or should I start another one in the correct forum.
Also - When I open the forum lists, I cannot see my thread. Is there a reason for this?



You can edit the category of your own topics by clicking on the icon:

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 9.25.12 AM

which is located at the end of your topic title.


The dropdown menu doesn’t seem to have the Chat forum listed…

Also - I was notified and when I clicked the dropdown notification menu I got the following:

and when I clicked the menu link I got what was shown was this:

I have no idea what it signifies…

Okay - I sorted that one out - Thanks for your help ruby_coder

Also, now my thread is on the thread list, so two birds with one stone…