Post, Increase in TPM, API returns no response for few concurrent calls

Initially we had 90K as our TPM, so we use to send 50 concurrent requests and it used to get processed after the TPM is incremented to 1M now when I send 400 concurrent requests, it will return quickly for 398 or some times 397 and will get stuck for last 2 or 3 call and will return no response I have waited till 10 minutes still there is no response, no exceptions.

Same problem is not there if we send 100 or 200 concurrent requests. what shall we do?

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You are using a shared resource, when others are also trying to send many requests at the same time there can be conflicts, you should reduce your concurrent calls to a number which is stable for your use case, this number may vary by time of day and indeed day of the week.

These kinds of issues will get better with time as more capacity is added.