Possible to get metadata / line from answer of search endpoint?

When using the search endpoint to rank documents, is it possible to get the line / metadata of the document as a response? Currently, it seems the endpoint only returns the documents text.

E.g. my .jsonl doc is

{"text": "puppy B is sad", "metadata": "emotional state of puppy B"}
{"text": "puppy A is happy", "metadata": "emotional state of puppy A"}

My query

out = openai.Engine("ada").search(

The result

  "object": "list",
  "data": [
      "object": "search_result",
      "document": 0,
      "score": 584.489,
      "text": "puppy A is happy"
  "model": "ada:2020-05-03"

I want the line “1” or the metadata “emotional state of puppy A” in my result. Is it possible or do I need to search for the matching text in my entire corpus to retrieve the metadata?