Possibility of chatGPT

so my requirement is like this

  1. I have 100 paragraphs
  2. I want to put 100 paragraphs to database
  3. when the user asks something, the engine will automatically answer by looking for answers in the 100 paragraphs earlier


  1. I have 100 paragraphs about ‘PHP programming learning materials’
  2. I input all the learning materials into the database
  3. I asked 'how to replace the string`? then the engine will answer by looking for answers in those 100 paragraphs

so my requirement is engine that without training phrases, the answers can be automatically searched in those 100 paragraphs.

is this possible in chatGPT?

ChatGPT, not reliably; GPT-3, absolutely. I believe text-embedding-ada-002 is the way to go. @raymonddavey just informed me about its use cases here:


Embedding will find you the context you need to answer the question.

Then it will depend on how you phrase the final question you send to GPT. You may have to send the request to a CodeX model if it is PHP. But Davinci might be able to help too

I assume you want it to modify the code for your use-case. In this situation, a prompt to Codex would probably be the best bet

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