Poor user experience

When using the chat functionality I can overwrite and delete the text already written.

This goes for the Q&A section as well. I can edit any answer and it will look like it’s the AI:s answer. Is this per design?

How is it even possible to develop an AI-bot chat so that any written text (by human or AI) can be overwritten?

A post should not be possible to edit by the other part. That’s simple UX.

I discovered this bug after 30 seconds. The quality assurance seems to be very very poor


Are you referencing the GPT-3 Playground? It highlights the AI text, but it’s not perfect. The Playground is meant to test ideas/prompts.

Have you seen the new ChatGPT?


PS - Welcome to the forum! Hope you stick around…

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I was referring to the GPT-3 Playground chat. I guess.

I tried the new ChatGPT and it was for sure a better user experience at first. Until the chat crashed.

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No problem. They’ve got millions and millions of people trying it out, so bear with them. I’m sure the user experience will improve as time goes on.

Were you just using it for chatting?

I was doing user research :wink: