Poetry and literary devices

ChatGPT seems to struggle when it comes to poetry and some of the literary devices used within it. It has great difficulty with rhymes. For example, I asked it to explain and give examples of rhyme schemes, and I think every example given was inaccurate. The bot seemed to favour thematic integrity of the poetry over technical accuracy.

The bot also struggles with the concept of alliteration. I provided the bot with some poetry containing quite a lot of alliteration. It did identify some alliteration, but it failed to identify many clear, key examples. Instead, it gave examples from the text such as:

  1. “Dizzy on his feet” - The repetition of the “d” sound in “dizzy” and “feet” creates alliteration.

  2. “Living on a new street” - The repetition of the “l” sound in “living” and “new” and the repetition of the “s” sound in “street” creates alliteration.

Its analysis on the piece as a whole was very skilled and competent, and it displayed an overall ability to accurately interpret text heavy with metaphor.


Another topic on Poetry – Rhyming unnecessarily broken by word endings.

I commonly find otherwise wonderfully crafted poems oddly failing to rhyme due to “near miss” word endings. In particular, it will include “s” or “ing” at the end of an otherwise rhyming word when the sentence could be altered slightly to skip this.

Example 1
… running,
… fun.
{the first line could be made to work with “run” instead of “running”.

Example 2
Their brains may be small, but their intelligence soars,
Like the dogs, they have much to explore.

The first line could be generated with “soar” as a constraint.
“Their brains may be small, but watch their intelligence soar,”

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Another poetry rhyming issue:

I’m not sure if chatGPT is making use of a phonetic translation. (I believe I’ve seen even PHP functions for this). It often matches merely last letter endings.

For example.
“Their unique abilities, they both bring to the table,
Together, they are a force that is formidable.”

It is unclear to me if chatGPT even knows that “table” and “formidable” don’t rhyme. (Maybe it does, in which case it mimics humans who might do the same).

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When will the bell ring, and end this weariness?
How long have they tugged the leash and strained apart

The day after you had reached out
I was broken for the second time around
I prayed on the third day that I would be okay
That I’d forget you were ever mine
Oh, I don’t think you realize
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