Podcast content: Any good podcast to text service?

I am looking to build a knowledge base from podcast content. Does anybody know a low cost (preferably free!) podcast to text transcription service? It would be even better if it works on web links of the podcast channel…

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You can use Whisper for a podcast transcription service.

This tutorial will involve you downloading the podcasts as one of these audio file formats:
’ mp3 , mp4`, mpeg , mpga , m4a , wav , and webm’

Install OpenAI’s package with this script:

pip install openai

Here is a basic Python script that should work for you. Make sure to name the Python file using proper naming such as main.py :

from openai import OpenAI
client = OpenAI()

# Remember to replace '/path/to/podcast/podcast.mp3' with your actual path.
audio_file= open("/path/to/podcast/podcast.mp3", "rb")
transcription = client.audio.transcriptions.create(

# Name this file whatever you want.
file_path = "transcription.txt"

with open(file_path, "w") as file:

print("Transcription saved to:", file_path)

Make sure to follow ‘Step 2’ in the quickstart to set up your API key.

Make sure to install Python if you haven’t already here.

Then run
python3 main.py
or whatever you named your file as.

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Thanks but too techy for me …I want a no code solution

  • no code
  • no money
  • no hidden agenda lying in wait

Pick two…