Plus subscription- you’ve reached the limit of message per 24 hours

I am subscribed to chatgpt plus and I got that message. It was never communicated to us that the plus had a cap. Also it is very irresponsible not to clearly state what that limit is and how the 24 hour period is defined (when the service will become available).


I agree. Only after the subscription I found out there was a limit and I cannot even find how many of the queries I’ve already used. Will cancel after 1 month.

I agree. I find it distasteful and greedy. It’s the same tactic as other companies that tell you the details after you pay.

I clearly should have researched this before I paid for the plus plan. I feel like I’ve used more messages in previous days than I have after I purchased the plus plan. Hopefully, other people will realize this before paying.


So, WHEN the service will become available? 24 hours later?

I have also just received this message as a paying plus user. Surely it is a bug?