Plugins - add another endpoint or build a new plugin?

I’m thinking about building a ‘FactChecker’ plugin that uses gpt and a set of ‘reputable’ sources to fact-check chat statements on request by the user, I already have a plugin (llmsearch on github) that includes all the web functionality I need.

Question, Should I:

  1. add another endpoint to llmsearch (how many are too many?) or ,
  2. copy the code base to serve as the basis for a new plugin?


I was thinking about this.

A new plugin has benefits like increased prompt space to better instruct ChatGPT to use your plugin.

However, there currently is a limit of 3 active plugins. So this has prevented me from building a plugin-per-endpoint.


Ah. I usually run with 2 plugins, so wasn’t aware of the 3 plug-in limit. Guess that makes my decision for now. Thanks!

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