[Plugin] 💖 SEO.app is the first SEO optimization assistant for ChatGPT!

Hi Everyone,

SEO.app is now officially approved in the ChatGPT store.

Today, it uses our patented semantic technology to augment the SEO writing experience. It uses localized search and supports any language. It gives GPT LSI keywords, emotional intelligence and competitive article outline insights and more.

Ask it to write SEO content on any topic, in any language, for any location.

Developers have GitHub Copilot - SEO’s have SEO.app.

Our vision is a full SEO assistant, living inside ChatGPT, who can use all the common SEO tools and has all the core SEO expertise to help you create incredible marketing results with ease.

Our early access version is free to use while we’re learning what people want. All early feedback is incredibly appreciated.

For the record, we’re 100% “in” when it comes to Plugins. In our view, plugins will mark the start of the interactive web, where every site will have an AI interface. We could not be more excited to be on this journey with you all.

Thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you! :sparkling_heart:


Wow! It’s pretty good. I would use it frequently :smile:.
I’m interested in this! Can I follow your plugin updates in a email list or Twitter account?


Hey, thanks!

My Twitter username is adridder. :partying_face:

Any and all feedback and suggestions are super welcome!


Hi Adridder , Can we use SEO.app on chatgpt 3.5 on free trials and if we have to buy it ,them we have to pay distinctly other than chatgpt plus subscription?
Hope to hear from you soon

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We plan to have both a free version and premium of SEO.app.

We’re actively taking feedback from users for now.

As for GPT 3.5, it depends if OpenAI will support plugins for 3.5 or not, I can’t speak to that.

My opinion is that it would be better if there were a turbo version of GPT 4, say GPT 4.5 in the future, maybe before September - but that’s my guess.

The ability to use tools is possible in theory with 3.5, you just need to add classifiers in the middle. We did extensive testing, and while it’s possible, I’d prefer OpenAI spent their energy on 4.5 instead.

Overall, I’m super optimistic about the future of plugins. By year end, I believe all this will be sorted out and humanity will never look back.


Are there any examples you can provide on how to effectively use this plugin?

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Hi there, sure:

  1. Write an SEO article about #topic in markdown
  2. Write an SEO article about #topic in markdown and for this location: #City, #Country
  3. Write an SEO article about #topic in markdown in #Language language
  4. Write an SEO article based on this rough #outline
  5. Optimize the article below for SEO: #article
  6. Finish writing the article below by adding approx 500 words and optimizing it for SEO: #articlestart

After writing an article, you can also ask follow-up questions, such as:

  1. Now create a twitter thread about this article
  2. Now create a social media promotion calendar to promote this article at #url

Currently available technology:

  1. Reach optimizer: your content is 520% more likely to achieve Google page 1
  2. Conversion optimizer: your content will be more engaging with emotional intelligence

Releasing very soon:

  1. Fact optimizer: your content will be powered by a real time knowledge graph of the topic

We’re also taking user feedback for other functions. For launch, SEO.app brings the best available content optimization technology to ChatGPT. In the near future, SEO.app will do other SEO tasks like technical SEO, research, …

Hope that helps!

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I get better results using Harpa AI prompts, which doesn’t make much sense to me since Harpa AI is just a general tool and yours is specifically about seo. I asked GPT4 how to use the plugin and it didnt have the information :smiley:

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I just went back and tried it again and now it says error: user is missing credentials. I go to seo.app and see nothing to help me

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I was trying to use it this morning but it has a red badge beside it. When I looked in the store it said it was unverified. I tried to remove it to reinstall and it says it can’t be removed.

There might be a little problem going on. :slightly_smiling_face:


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It looks like the plugin is not in the store right now.

I will reach out to OpenAI support to learn what’s happening.

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From what I can gather from public documentation:

Under the previous rules, we were able to make updates to the manifest of the plugin as long as we didn’t fundamentally change the functionality or change what the plugin does.

Under new rules, OpenAI pulls plugins who have updated manifests. We were making daily improvements until recently.

We made changes to our plugin based on the rules we were aware of based on when we were approved. Since rules are updated, it appears we have to re-submit for approval.


Ugh, too bad. Well, let us know when you’re back!


that’s good context.

I updated two things in my manifest last night for Prompt Perfect, but seems to still be up for now :sweat_smile:

Aside from that, I’d like to know what you all are thinking as far as payment for your premium tier – I haven’t heard anything about payment portals on the store which I was holding out for

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Speaking to my dev team, we found the change that triggered the unverification. It was related to auth0 scope change so we could identify our paid users and provide them with extra insights.

It seems that this triggered the unverified status.

We’ll re-submit for approval and notify when we’re back.

This is life in Beta land :slight_smile:

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Right…it gives this error Error getting system message: {“message”:“User is missing credentials”}…so in a way can you explain more what is going to be your paid users?

Hi Frazao, SEO.app will be free to use for everyone, and we’ll be adding a few features that are for professional users. One such feature we were planning to add this week, is fact checking and optimizing.

With fact optimizer, you can ask for example to write an SEO article about the elections in Turkey which take place this week, and it will be able to write factually with up-to-date news.

We’ve just re-submitted for review and will let you know when we’re back in the store!

Is this app only available in some markets? I don’t seem to see it in my plugins list.

I wanted to demo your app on a webinar today but still getting unverified - is there a demo video available anywhere?

The app will be available again as soon as OpenAI is complete reviewing the updates.

Feel free to join the waitlist on our site, or check this thread for when it’s available again.

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