Plugin-pedia,a plugin that can recommends plugins

Hello everyone, I am Twox, the author of Pluginpeida. Pluginpeida can recommend plugins in the current plugin store based on user’s questions, help users quickly find suitable plugins and tell users the introduction and usage of this plugin. I hope this plugin can alleviate some of the troubles users currently have in finding plugins in the plugin store. You are also welcome to install and test this plugin to see if the plugin you developed can be recommended by Pluginpeida. You can feedback any problems to me here, thank you.


Thank you for this I’m looking forward to testing it out :blush:

Hello you can use it in the Plugin Store

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Thanks for that well done on creating the plugin!

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I like the concept a lot. It would be nice if ChatGPT opens up the ability to install through links because that is the critical piece missing from any third-party plugin recommendations. I would also suggest (if you haven’t done so already) to provide a way for the plugin to probe the OpenAPI spec. This can be very useful in helping the user in learning how to use the plugin beyond just discovery.

yyeah !! really hope opens up the ability to install through links,it’s a good solution !