Plugin getting called twice

My plugin is sometimes getting called twice. When I click the down arrow I can see it has returned the data ok but it seems to repeat the request. Sometimes it will use the data returned and others not. I can see 429 errors in the console so I know that could be just rate limit (for my session?)

Originally I had the description-for-model with specifics on how to use ie if not found in endpoint 1, search using endpoint 2 etc. But now reading the docs it says not to do that, so I changed to just state what the endpoint returns.

I am seeing decent enough reviews on the plugin so this could be just me. But it’s a concern to seeing it running more than once.

Do I need to change anything?

Is the description-for-model approach I am using correct?

It would help if you actually included the ChatGPT manifest and the OpenAPI speciation files. What would also be good is the route handlers but I can understand if you don’t what to share those.