Plugin availability priority for Plus users

As a “Plus” member, one of the features listed is being the first to be able to gain access to new features. Therefore, I was wondering why the plugin is not being made available to Plus users first as it seems to me that would include Plus users first. Paying $20 per month may not be that be that much of an investment for many users but, for many others it likely is. I am not saying that there is not likely a reasonable rationale behind this not being the case. I am aware that when testing a new project, I can understand why people who. are the most likely to provide feedback. Admittedly, I admit that I had not used the thumbs up or down feedback button very often. The main reason for this was to not bring attention to myself out of privacy concerns I have with AI in general. I am hoping that a Plus user at least will be considered in the future. I was curious about what is the typical wait time for the plug in. Thanks.

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Plus users are the priority for Plugin access, but we are not rolling our plugin access to many people right now while we work on understanding safety issues and scale our systems. Thanks for being patient!


Mr. Kilpatrick,

I had a feeling that may have been the situation with demand being what it is even if Plus users are prioritized. I appreciate the clarification. I understand the need to balance AI access to the public with the need of ensuring that safety issues are resolved. I may not have phrased my post in a way to indicate that I had considered this possibility and you have my apologies.

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