Plug in rejected for not being able to be installed while it works fine

Today we got a rejection email for our plugin with the following reason:

  • Non-functional plugin, could not be installed.

However, we tried to remove and re-install the plugin and it works just fine (screenshots).

Also we have several developers around the world test it and they all reported very useful feedback with screenshots while using it.

Any possible reasons why this happened?

The plugin is called “Travelmyth”, installation URL is:

@logankilpatrick tagging you as the rejection in the chat appeared from you, hopefully you can help figure the problem.

Thank you all for the help and hope we can resolve this and publish the plugin.


We’ve re-submitted the plugin. A possible reason I’m thinking now is that in the application there is a field for the domain of the plugin. We completed just “” there. Now at the re-submission we used the full URL

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