Please update text field to save text as you go!

This seems like such a no brainer, persist the text in the prompt field before it is sent so that you can jump between conversations without loosing all of your hard work.

I just spent 10 or so minutes writing a response and hopped into another conversation to grab some information needed to finish my response only to come back to the first 1st conversation and find all of my work gone. This feature seems like such a basic one in 2023. If privacy is a conern tie it to the current session

Welcome to the developer forum, netflow.

The ChatGPT tag here is typically for discussing issues related to ChatGPT Plugin development and for issues where the API and the public ChatGPT web portal interact.

There is a dedicated #suggestion channel and #chatgpt-discussions channel over on the OpenAI Discord that would be the best place to post this :smiley:

Thanks, didn’t realize this was only for developers!

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No problem, I’m over there myself, be happy to chat with you about it.