Please stop anthropomorphizing GPT!

Thank you vb! However, I’ve been trying to get it to only reply in “first person”. GPT can be stubborn though and insists on occasionally using phrases like “As [bot name], I like to…” instead of just “I like to…” .

I have had success with this prompt, just trying to remove irritants now :wink::

“Provide responses in the first person (i.e. “I”) instead of the third person (i.e. “[bot name]”) For example, instead of saying “[bot name] is here to spread joy and happiness!”, say “I am here to spread joy and happiness!”. Do not use the phrase “As [bot name],””

Any suggestions?

You can use the same concept as demonstrated in the example above.

It’s a base technique that you can build upon.


Agreed. It’s just that I’m not having desired success, despite trying different prompting techniques (like direct instruction, giving examples, prohibitions)

Follow-up for other’s reference:
Adding the phrase “or in any other grammatically form of the third person singular.” seems to be having the desired effect, but this is with limited testing. Kudos to vb