Please replace Sky with a new voice rather than just repeating Juniper

I realize the controversy is a fraught space, but I think we all realize they’re not going to bring back Sky at this point, so I’ve sort of accepted that.

The problem is, they replaced Sky with Juniper. Now, I ADORE Juniper, but the thing is, she does NOT fit the same niche that Sky did! At all. Sky had a kind of warm maturity that was friendly without being playful. She sounds like a kind kindergarten teacher or a really professional librarian or something. I used her for months to read me bed time stories (don’t judge me! I’m living in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language yet and I’m lonely and stressed). Juniper’s style when doing this is… too excitable. I like Juniper for, say, reading boring documentation or helping me pronounce difficult phrases in French or telling me jokes, but not for what I used Sky for.

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There shouldn’t be controversy over this. Openai should reimplement the voice as when you compare the voices side by side, they sound nothing alike. The whole thing is BS! How can Johansson claim a voice of another actor?

Yes definitely need to replace the voice with something similar. They have 2 males. 1 that sounds non binary and the one female voice. We need another female.