Please reopen

Dear OpenAI, your support is not reacting and your ( logankilpatrick) solution is to contact the support?


Please reopen the topic that users can report they are affected and discuss the topic further.

What a mess.

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I just noticed I was also charged illegally twice on the same day for something I did not authorize or subscribe to. This is theft.

Same thing happened to me- found out TWO of my cards were fraudulently charged with ChatGPT Subscription for 20 USD. I have never linked my cards to chatgpt and hardly ever use these cards. I was on a free account with ChatGPT. Only ever gave my mobile number. Bank says they have no idea what has happened. Blocked both cards but am super concerned this is a bigger mess than we realise. Bank is in Singapore and it was one debit card and one credit card that were hacked.