Please provide feature to manage GPTs groups

Please provide feature to manage GPTs groups.
Need to have feature to upload or remove multiple files in multiple GPTs.
Feature explanation:
Introduced new dashboard, GPTs manager.
In this dashboard we have list of all my GPTs with their files, actions and instructions all in one page.
We should be able to have GPTs groups.
And on this page we will see than all GPTs but we will have dropdown groups.
This dropdown will allow us to switch to certain group or to switch to all GPTs.
And after this we do magic.

  1. Of course we should have edit mode on this page, that we can edit multiple GPTs in one time. Like to change instructions in 2 GPTs or more.
  2. But this is not the best, we should have feature for multiple file upload by GPT name for example. For group or for all we choose folder of files,
    they all uploaded and automatically assigned to related GPTs depends on their names. This also we can do for intructions and actions, to make this feature generic.
    Like to have bulk upload and autoassignment of files, instructions and actions.

This way we can update multiple GPTs at once.

And of course we need to have ability to use Grouped GPTs, using mentions to choose group first and than to choose proper GPT.
Or multiple GPTs from one group, or multiple GPTs from multiple groups.
And yes, please we need search via all GPTs, not only pinned or where we started chat.