Please Add This for Training About a Specific Program

Merry Christmas.

chat.openai. com/c/cce29b2f-f32f-4360-a9d9-9abeab7e8e9d

In this discussion, I found out that the Chat GPT engine does not know what the “ArtCursors” program is. “ArtCursors” is an obscure program made by Ahasoft to design Windows cursors and animated cursors, but it also accepts files like PNG and JPG images, making it an incredible Sprite editor.

aha-soft. com/artcursors/

Is it possible that the developers of the Chat GPT engine could use this conversation to train about that program?

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However, you can enjoy this conversation about the program I had with the AI, where I gave some positive feedback on new answering capability I created.