Playground makes stuff up

Hi,…i have asked about a High Nobility Family called Counts and princes of Pálffy-Daun and its Family members, and Playground literally made up / invented new people who never existed, including fabricating marriages which never happened, as well as that couples live in certain castles, which are actually museums today and no one lives there. Nor that would these castles be owned by the Pálffy-Daun Family.

i should know the facts, for i am a Prince and Count Pálffy-Daun …

this is very disturbing, for history never ever has a fabricated 2nd version existing, unless you live in Russian controlled countries, where history gets deleted or re-invented to please the barbaric Russian tyranny under the flag of communistic socialism.

but here i am in switzerland this openai database is in the USA,… so my trouble is, that openai re-invents history and makes stuff up left and right. Fabricates non existing people.