Playground ChatGPT 4 desired response lenght

Playground ChatGPT 4 limit is arround 8000 tokens.
I have input arround 1000tokens with request to get response for arround 7000 tokens.
But I can’t get response more then 1000 words. I tried many different types of prompts, structurize requesting response. Nothing works. I have specific project where I need to get response for arround 3000 word’s. In theory based on ChatGPT capabilities in tokens I should get it.
Anyone knows specific prompt or that there are other limit’s per output ?

Yes, the model has been retrained since release to have outputs restrictive in size. One can assume this is due to the unfettered costly use by ChatGPT of the same model.

You can use the gpt-4-0314 version and test performance.