Play my text adventure, tell me what happens!

I made 1 shot text adventure in modern day Las Vegas, Nevada.
If you keep following the format it should work, Be sure to leave the first action that is
there as it helps the training process. Make sure to place every action in front of a '>' no quotes.
Otherwise it might break. Keep the length around 100 to 250. > character should be a stop sequence.

You can say things like

‘>Enter the ABC Store and ask the cashier how their day is going’

or something odd

‘>start spinning in circles in front of everyone’

Click this link to start it up in the playground:

Please be aware of how many tokens it uses as they can add up quickly when the adventure gets long.

I eventually got arrested. Let me know how you do!
The image attached from google maps is the real location where you are starting.

Hi, I played your adventure game for a while but the man in the suit didn’t engage very satisfactorily. I saved the game by adding “Man in Suit” after the preset name in case you want to see how it went.