Planning my daughter's birthday party with chatbot

This is a chat with the bot. I’ve been using it this week to plan my daughters birthday party. I’m a single parent and some of this stuff doesn’t come naturally to me, so it’s been (surprisingly) helpful in preparing and organizing. I bolded some of ideas I found interesting and useful.

me: design an invitation to a 5 year old’s birthday party

AI: What is the purpose of the party?

me: to have fun in the yard, celebrate the birthday and fourth of july, connect with neighbors

AI: What should the invitation look like and what should be on it?

me: it will be on computer paper. what should it look like?

AI: Creative, playful font?

me: yes, what else?

AI: A photo of the birthday boy?

me: what information should I include?

AI: What time is the party?

me: noon to 8PM

AI: Let’s print out the invitation.

me: what should the copy be on the invitation, can you write it for me?

AI: It should be funny and playful. The tone should be questioning. "Who wants to celebrate with us?"


Omg bro! This is so fucking cool haha :DD it looks like brainstorming with the AI haha is an amazing experience lool!!

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thanks. It has some pretty good ideas.

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This is awesome! Is the bolded part the only true AI outputs? Or where did your prompt end and the outputs begin?

This the conversation I had with the chatbot. The bolded text is just stuff I found useful and helpful.

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t’was lit