Pin Chats, Search Chats, Organize Chats

We frequently use ChatGTP in a conversation spanning days or even weeks. During that time, we also use ChatGTP for many other conversations. The latter results in the former chats to get lost. There are several solutions to this: (1) Pin chats so they stay at the top of the list; (2) Search to find a specific chat with keywords, hashtags, etc.; and (3) Organize chats into folders that allow us to easily organize our interactions with ChatGTP. We are a monthly-paying subscriber and feel that this could be a premium feature that encourages users to sign up for paid plans.


Agreed! I use my chats for so many different functions and often have to go back to reference past chats, or build off of them, it would be great if they were easier to find, group together (even have them build off one another and work together), and bookmark/tag for future reference. For example, chats that are letters from certain individuals, or for certain audiences, or use a certain tone. I’m also writing blogs for one department, content for several others, it would be great to tag and sort them so I can reference them quickly when there’s crossover.