Physix GUI dev New way to Poll

Hey guys
Im part of a small start up team that’s working on a new project called “Physix”. Physix is a way to record your response, like a survey. Using a survey engine the multi dimensional way we use the ROYGBIV continuum to graphically plot human ethics is proprietary. It’s the evolution of language to its natural progression. Statistically the maximum efficient methodology to accurately predict human behavior through all its possible interactions. Q-Vote gauges your argument by emotional response and uses an algorithm to predict the future in probabilistic terms. It’s a solution to misinformation. These patterns/data can be input into Ai and Ai will make the best output.

Basically a system to help put human behaviors and ethics into GPT-3. We just want our GUI too look better. Anyone interested?

More info: A.I. – Physix

Thank you,
Alan Carsey