Personal Memory Vault Project - helping a person with functional memory issues related to Alzheimer's continue to write as long as possible

A person I care about is experiencing challenges with functional memory loss. While they still are able to engage in their passion of writing, finding files and media they have created over their career is proving to be challenging due to the loss of the ability to navigate the complicated systems we use for storing files and other documents.

In light of the rapid advancements in Language Learning Models (LLMs) and the Retrievable Answer Generation (RAG) pattern, I’ve identified a unique opportunity to assist individuals struggling with memory loss, particularly those who face difficulties in continuing their writing endeavors. The existing infrastructure for navigating and retrieving knowledge from files can be overwhelmingly complex, posing a significant barrier for those already challenged by memory issues. To address this, I am adapting and enhancing the code from the startup I founded Menome dataLink ( employing the latest in AI technology via RAG + LLM (see Tomaz Bratanic posts for details).

The initial phase of this side project is focused on content acquisition and
decomposition, for which I have developed an asynchronous processing API. This API is designed to break down articles from URLs into a Graph Document pattern using Neo4j laying the groundwork for a more intuitive and accessible Personal Knowledge Vault.

My initial work on this have published on my personal git repo:
clockworknowledge/menome_processor: worker agent API for processing data for Menome Knowledge Vault (

The complexity of modern knowledge systems is not just a technological challenge; it stems from the foundational ways in which we interact with and store knowledge. By streamlining these processes and creating a more user-friendly environment, we can significantly enhance the ability to write and remember, especially for those affected by memory loss, ultimately leading to a knowledge management solution that’s both powerful and accessible.

The systems we have for managing knowledge are not what was originally envisioned. There is a considerable amount of incredible work that has been lost through the rush to commercialize aspects of this prior body of work. I believe that the latest developments in AI offer the opportunity to recapture what was lost in the context of providing a far more powerful, simple and effective means of creating, managing and collaborating on critical knowledge. I have studied this body of work in considerable detail to inform what I need to do to determine the optimal path for applying AI to the Personal Knowledge Vault project.

To clarify my own thoughts on the subject, and to help frame up what I need to focus on for the project as it is a side project so focus is essential, I have written about this at length in the following post : AI is the new OS.
AI is the new OS:. | by Mike Morley | Feb, 2024 | Medium

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