Percy - AI Assistant (iOS App)

Hello everyone!

Here to share my app named “Percy” that’s available on the App Store. What does Percy do? There are preset “personalities” such as Teenager, Sarcastic, Explain like I’m 5, and others. There’s also the default “Helpful” that is basically vanilla ChatGPT. You can also set your own “custom” personality, which is another way of saying, you can enter your own ChatGPT system prompt.

  • It has a companion watchOS app, if you want to have a quick chat with Percy on your wrist without pulling out your phone.
  • There is support for ChatGPT through Siri “Hey Siri, Ask Percy”
  • A Lock Screen widget to quickly jump into the app from the lock screen
  • Markdown support
  • Code highlighting for hundreds of languages
  • Chat History

Let me know what you think and what features you’d like to see added!

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I do have this app in my phone but it’s no longer showing in app store!!