Payments Page Encounted Error - No support for over 2 weeks

Hello, (I am based in Australia, No VPN) we recently purchased a Teams account with several team members and spent a week or so creating some specialisted GPT’s. 2 Weeks ago, my teams account deactived without warning. I have been trying to contact support for 2 weeks, vai their online chat and then by email, but have not received a response. When i try to “reactivate” the teams service it has a weird error “The payments page encountered an error. Please try again. If the problem continues, please visit” Has anyone else been seeing this issue>? And is anyone else having issues with OpenAI support?

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Hello @kizza1234 , same problem here. Asked for support through and email, got pretty much the same response at both:
"Hi there,
I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re experiencing with reactivating your workspace. Let’s try to resolve this issue together.
First, I recommend clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, as this can sometimes resolve unexpected errors. After doing so, please attempt to access the payments page again.
If the issue persists, it’s possible there might be a temporary problem with our payments system. In such cases, waiting a short while before trying again can often be helpful.
However, if you continue to encounter the same error after these steps, we will need to investigate this issue further on our end. While I cannot directly generate a new invoice for you, our team can assist in ensuring that your payment is processed and your workspace is reactivated.
Could you please provide the following information to help us assist you better?

  • The exact time and date you encountered the error.
  • Any error codes or messages displayed (besides the one you’ve already mentioned).
  • The browser and version you are using.
    This information will help us in diagnosing the problem more accurately. Rest assured, we are here to help you get back to using your workspace as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
    OpenAI Team"
    After giving more details, trying to go through another network, device, browser, private tabs, with or without vpn (and a combination of all of the above), nothing worked so far. Did you solve that issue? It might be better if I start over and open another account then, although I have my custom GPTs on the previous one, but I’m not willing to afford to be locked out of chatgpt for months

I DID IT!! Can’t explain why it worked, but it did.

  1. Re-created my personal workspace
  2. Entering through my personal workspace, I clicked on my name in the left bottom corner, then on the 3-dots right next to the team workspace, and clicked on “Reactivate workspace”
  3. This time I was able to go forward to the payment page, filled in again my credit card details, but it didn’t work.
  4. I went back to my main chatgpt “how can I help you today?” main page, and then on again to reactivate my team workspace (step 2), then my credit card info was already there, and this time it went through and my team workspace is reactivated.

I hope this helps