Payment taken twice a few days apart - no response from support

I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus on Monday 20th March, when I was charged £16.53 for my pro account.

My card provider notified me a few days later that another payment had been taken from ChatGPT to withdraw a further £16.41.

When I go on to the ChatGPT website and clicked into my account and it said there is:

  • No invoice history
  • No payment method
  • No billing information.

I have reached out to support on the help section of the website, the listed email addresses, via Twitter etc but have not heard anything back.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on how to get a hold of support before I contact my bank to investigate this issue.


I have the same issue. No one is responding from the OpenAi. It seems they do not even operate a service team. So I will follow the advice of my bank and I will ask for a new creditcard, so OpenAI cannot falsely take out money from my account.