Partnership Request to OpenAI


As ESN Turkey, which is a part of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) family, which works with more than 15,000 volunteers in 40 universities in Turkey and in 44 countries in total, in more than 530 universities, and directly supported by the European Commission, we would like to cooperate with you.

I, Lawyer Gökay Bağrıyanık, will be the Turkey President of ESN in August.

As ESN Turkey, which helps thousands of Erasmus students who come to Turkey every year, we want to work with companies such as OpenAI, which we and our students use a lot for their research, work related issues and more, by developing different business models. We are aware how much OpenAI gives importance to education and it makes partnerships with different institutions to strengthen the educational activity.

We can promote and increase the usage of OpenAI in many events we organize throughout the year, in social responsibility projects we develop in various fields, in trips, festivals or meetings abroad, and we can develop together in different areas.

If it is convenient for you, we would love to have a meeting and exchange ideas to discuss in more detail.


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