Paraphrasing sentence by sentence

My experience with paraphrasing is that it works better if you split the paragraphs into individual sentences in advance and then have them paraphrased sentence by sentence. The problem is that automated splitting is not easy. Does anyone do this in the same way and what tools do you use for this?

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I’d throw the paragraph into a regex.split. The issue is if you aren’t versed in regex, learning it is a bit of a chore.

A good starting point would be something like: [\.!?](?=\s)

That should make it split on any period, bang, or question mark that is followed by a space. That will stop it from splitting multiple times on things like “What?!?” And “hold on…”

It will not split at the end of a sentence followed by a quotation mark, “like this.”

If you need that, add a quotation mark inside the []'s, though that will make it split on the second quote of something like: “Wow,” she said.

A starting point anyway.

If you are asking a website for it, then visit

Use spacy to split the text in sentences. Or ask GPT3 to do it!!

Use or GPT, these two are my go to options