Pantheon allows you to upload and talk to large amount of sources quickly

Hey guys, I wanted to share a project my friends and I have been working on. It’s called pantheon-ai

It uses pinecone, gpt-3.5, and gpt-4 to help you query your documents. It also lets you easily swap out and save prompts using ‘personas’ as well as saving your workspace of persona and sources as a project so that you can conveniently come back to it later. It’s useful for:

  • When you need to talk to lot of sources at once
  • When you need to save your source and prompt configuration
  • Cover letter generation
  • Code completion where chatGPT struggles (particularly assignments that require helper function files or context )

I was wondering if I could get some test users to try it out? I’m really looking for feedback on the interface, how intuitive it is, and whether the query feels natural, yet accurate to the source domain. First 100 queries are free for test users so just us know!